I am a FAT LOSER!!!

(Watching “The Biggest Loser-Philippines” last night made me remember my journey to the “fit-world”. Here’s my another confession to make.)

I am fat and having a muffin top body…that was before.

Getting rid of excess body fat has been my struggle and long term battle. I am not blessed with a fast metabolism that can burn quickly whatever food that I eat. I envy those people who stays thin and skinny despite of eating a lot.

One month before graduating from college, my weight was 80 kilograms and my body fat mass is 26 percent of my weight. My waistline is 34 and I look awful when I wear my slim fit clothes. That was early summer of 2012.  I may blame my laziness and foods that I eat. But how can I say no to the “umami” and delicious dish of my mommy’s cooking? Plus that smoking rice with pandan scent. How can I resist the everyday cravings on sweet pastries and that large black forest cake in the fridge? The bursting flavour of coffee-choco ice cream in freezer? Ice cream and cake are so perfect for dessert! Also add the burgers in Mcdonald or Jollibee with fries for your snack.

(Image courtesy of memecenter.com)

Delicious foods right? But in heavy and daily consumption, it is so unhealthy! No wonder my belly began to expand. Belly fats were layered and my legs were beginning to expand too! To add items in this expanding belly fat problem, I was living in sedentary lifestyle.

(I used to live a lifestyle like this. There’s something wrong in this photo! Can you see it? Image courtesy of memecenter.com)

Give me a laptop, internet connection and food I’m good. Hand me DVDs and tv series to watch you’ll never see me standing. You can never ask me to walk or stand if I am with tv or computer.


(Photo taken last March of 2012 for my résumé. My face is soooo ROUND and I got a lot of fats everywhere in my body. But I’m still handsome, right?)

I got three main reason why I decided to lose weight. One. I was enlightened. I need to be healthy, I am disease-prone, my immune system is not that good and health is really wealth! Two. I think I should look good since I am going to look for a job (and when I said “look-good” I should be also in great shape). And three. The impact of hallyu wave. Looking at those in great shape Korean guys with chocolate abs and trimmed defined muscle, I ENVIED them! And so ladies and gentlemen my dream to achieve a healthy sexy bod was born.

Of course before starting your “healthy-sexy-me program”, you should do research. You should know what to eat, what to do and right workout. Start with the basics and set an attainable goal. The first week of my program is really a struggling week. You need to have a gradual transition on your habit. My breakfast and lunch consisting of 3 cup of rice was reduced to 2 cups. Viands were reduced too! My dinner was loaded with fruits and veggies. The usual 2 cups of rice at dinner was reduced to 1 and half.

I don’t pretty much remember on how I trained myself not to eat rice as much as possible. Instead of eating rice, I shift into whole wheat bread and sweet potatoes. These food gives complex carbs than rice’s simple carbs. I also prioritize protein and fibre in my diet. Protein and fibre satiates!

Little by little I became adept in the change of my diet. I learned to eat foods in portion. Six small meals everyday will do you good! Fish, chicken breast, lean beef and pork are good source of protein. Veggies and fruits did wonders too! There are times I want to indulge myself in eating sweets or my comfort foods. Temptation in food is hard to resist. I tell you, it’s normal! But if you’re determined, you have to keep it on your mind that you need to have a healthy body. Every Saturday is my cheat day. I eat a lot of sweets, fried foods, burgers and many foods that are die NO-NO. Formulating cheat day is like rewarding yourself for 6 days dieting.

Dieting and good healthy foods is not enough! You should also bring the sweat out. When I started to build my healthy body, I am not into going to gym. I jog in place, did some DIY style cardio, stretching at the comfort of my abode. Then I realized I am missing something, so I bought a pair of nice running shoes and started running at parks, fun runs, treadmill and wide areas in different universities (you can catch me at UST or UP). Gradually, my body started to change. One by one the layers of fat disappeared!

After removing excess fats in my body and being in healthy weight and body fat mass range, I decided to tone my body. I did some pilates, lifted weights and did special trainings. I toned my legs, my back muscles, arms and abdomen. I was a bit surprised when my abs started to pop out. I developed flexibility, endurance and strength. My immune system boost and I am confident always on what I want to wear. I don’t want to look too muscular it will make my body disproportion. I just want a lean and toned physique.


(Welcome flat stomach! Bye bye muffin top! P.S Sorry for the picture quality.)

All in all I lost 20 kilos and I am maintaining the range of 58 to 60 kg. I can jog for 30 minutes non-stop without taking rest, do splits and do 100 counts on jumping ropes. I do cardio one hour three times a week, lift weights in regular basis, do crunches and belly fat torching exercise every other day and try to eat healthy every day.

If you want to a “fat loser” let me give you advice. Take it from the boy who lose 20 kilos!

1.      Accept and love yourself. If you’re fat accept it! You’ll never attain what you want if you don’t accept yourself. You’ll end up saying “Di naman ako ganun kataba di ba? Over weight lang pero di obese.”0 (I am not that fat right? I am just over weight not obese)

2.      Know your healthy range. If you’re 21, male and standing 5’5 in height your healthy weight range is 53 to 65.

3.      Find motivation and keep a realistic goal. For example, aim to lose 2 pounds every week. (Note: Losing 1 or 2 pounds every week is healthy, 3 pounds and up is body-damaging.)

4.      Do research and what to eat and how to work out.

5.      Start at by cutting back (foods that you eat) and adding up (intensity of your work out).

6.      Be consistent.

7.      Make sure you’re not doing this for the sake of beauty. Do it for the benefit of yourself.

8.      REST! This is important. Never forsake rest!


(Bonus Pic. I got a lady-like toned legs. Receiving a lot of praises from ladies and “buff-it-up dude” comments from my gym-mates.)

Enjoying life is like eating lots and lots of sweet without being afraid of getting fat.-Lord Vee


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