Let’s go Tripping :)

(Image courtesy of pinterest.com)


My feet is longing to take any available bus bound to the country-side. Ferweh mode? (Honestly, I don’t know how to pronounce this German word).

I love traveling, exploring uncharted parts of the Philippines and see colorful traditions of every regions. And since I got a little bit saved moolah, some spare time and friends who want to come along, LETS GO!

Tara! Come and join me. I drafted my schedules so I would not have any conflicts.

April 18- Reclimbing the Sagrada Familia Caves (Zambales)

April 19- Beach at Pangasinan

April 26- Taal/Tagaytay

May 1-4- Ilocos Sur Travel

May 15- Pahiyas Festival (Quezon)

Above list are the trips I am sure to accomplish. I haven’t include the Manaoag pilgrimage, Villa Escudero trip and 7 lakes of San Pablo exploration. It’s summer, let’s go tripping, tanning and enjoy a piece of holiday!


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