Hayahay Tagaytay City!

(It’s getting hot in the Metro! Malls and movie houses don’t have alluring power over me to have a good past time. Since it is already a summer here in the Philippines (or should I say dry season), let’s escape this scorching hot weather. To Tagaytay!)


Summer is IN! Wanna go to Baguio City to be refreshed? Too far? Go to Tagaytay instead.

Aside from going to the beach and have a tan, going to Tagaytay is a fun and adventurous way to escape at the same time enjoy this warm and hot weather. A few hours drive from Manila, I texted my uncle to drive me to this vibrant, nature loving city. Tagaytay is not new to me. Been there for couple of times.

At 3 pm, together with my uncle’s family we did the joy ride to Tagaytay.

Along the way pineapple plantations are bustling, Perfectly lined up pineapple plants parade in slopes and hills. (Car’s fast moving. Sorry for the picture quality.)



Craving for fresh, tropical and juicy fruits? Don’t worry in every corner of the road to Tagaytay fruits stalls are scattered.



Finally, we’re here! We parked at the Picnic Grove Park…Look at the mighty midget volcano. This is the Tagaytay city main offer to your eyes. The iconic view of the world’s smallest volcano. The Taal Volcano!



Feeling lazy and wanna slack down? if you bring a mat with you, good idea! You can lie down. Enjoy the flying kites while having a picnic with your family.



Of course don’t miss out the check the souvenir shops inside the park.



The wind is cool and refreshing. No doubt people from nearby provinces visit Tagaytay.



A closer view of Taal Volcano. Beautiful isn’t? Once again, I love you MOTHER NATURE.



And from the other side of the park…



Oh! Look at those small islets in Taal lake.



In Tagaytay, you must try their zipline. One way is Php200, two way is Php400.



Yeah I know, I am the most unflattering superman you could ever know. The zipline is quite long and with 1,000 feet below. (kidding!!!)



6’o clock in the evening when we decided to go home. It is still bright. And fogs are starting to surround the park. Sayang! I didn’t took a picture.


How to go there?

Aside from bringing a car or renting a van and a driver. You can…

1. From Metro Manila, ride any bus bound to Balibago, Laguna. Fare’s Php70.

2. From Balibago, take a jeepney or FX ride going to Tagaytay City.

3. Alight at the Picnic Grove park at pay the required fees.

4. Enjoy!


Aside from the Picnic Grove, try to visit also the;

1. Paradizoo

2. Skyranch

3. Puzzle mansion and

4. People’s Park

Looking for more places to visit this summer? I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂


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