I’m SEXY coz I show my LEGS!

“My waist that’s more slender than yours,
My long, slender legs,
a more first lady than anyone else,
I-I-I’m always a hot issue”

                                                                                                        -4Minute Hot Issue

(Hallyu Wave or Korean Wave is fastly storming the planet’s entertainment scene. With the success of Psy’s Gangnam Style and Gentleman, different varieties of Korean drama and movies and debut of girl groups and boy groups. The Hallyu Wave had taken over fashion and influenced the standard of beauty.)


Summer is fast approaching and you don’t want to look flab and having muffin top in the beach. I am pretty sure girls will be going gaga in wearing that hot pants and mini skirts. Well actually, whole year round, be it rainy or sunny i can see a lot of girls flaunting their legs. Wearing short shorts pairing it with over-flowing top plus nice foot wear creating a bottomless fashion illusion. (Fashion forward Philippines maybe?)

Maybe because Philippines is a tropical country and this fashion statement gives comfort to the wearer. Call it a trend, but being an irregular K-pop observer I conclude that this fashion trend that’s spreading like a wild fire is attributed to the Hallyu Wave. Mini-mini skirt. Hot Pants. LEGS!

Mini-skirts and hot pants are known world wide and I am not saying these are K-pop influence. But the extensive use of this garment in K-pop multiplied and intensified this fashion trend and (of course showing of legs!)




What do K-POP girl groups’ MV in common? (aside from killer dance moves, fresh and pale white skin and unique costumes) Flaunting of legs!

These much coveted legs of Kpop idols had smitten fans and been envy of many. Take for example with Girl’s Generation hit music “Genie”. Nine girls wearing short shorts accentuating and showing their almost perfect legs.


What is with legs that the K-pop entertainment world never forget to display? With just my mere observation, K-pop is somehow conservative that its Western counterpart. In other words, K-pop have less sexual assertion. It is rare to see a K-pop video with nudity theme (or else K-pop fans might slut-shame the poor girls or boys). Showing of  cleavage seems to be a no-no, but showing of legs? The shorter the shorts, the sexy you become. Based on some articles I read, legs does not connotes a strong sexual body part.

With the booming plastic surgery industry and fitness craze in Korea, the modern norm was mold. Having that long, flawless legs for female and six-pack abs for male became the ultimate standard of sexiness. Try to watch a variety show or talk show in Korean Channel subtitled with English. Topics are often about being sexy, achieving sexy legs, and K-pop idol work outs (and of course plastic surgery controversy).

With the plethora of K-pop influence today, the fashion world is easily sheered with its impact. East Asia is hook in vibrancy, fashion and standard of beauty that the K-pop projects. The K-pop emphasize more and more legs (and abs 🙂 ) See the album cover of Miss A?



Girl’s Generation Genie album cover…



Dal Shabet’s “Look at my LEGS! Be ambitious.”

Dal Shabet Look At My Legs 내 다리를 봐 Be Ambitious 3


The lyrics of Hot Issue of 4Minute… Boasting of having long legs?

“My waist that’s more slender than yours,
My long, slender legs,
a more first lady than anyone else,
I-I-I’m always a hot issue”

And So Hot lyrics by Wondergirls… Comparing to Ha Jiwon (well-known Korean actress)

My legs are so slim like Ha Jiwon
What should I do?

The K-pop over flaunting the image of sexiness of female body…through legs. No wonder that having a good legs become one of the quality that many girls planted in their mind to fit in the standard of beauty.

But could the over-flaunting of legs and the Korean way of beauty standard can become a problem? The answer I think could be yes. A report from AFP last 2013 said  “People in Thailand  undergo in more and riskier plastic surgery because “they seek to recreate the surgically enhanced, doll-like appeal of their K-pop idols.”

The serious dengue that is sometimes fatal increases in Philippines and Thailand. The sudden increase was been attributed that the said countries was been copying the hot pants fashion of their favorite Kpop girl groups. Thai government encourages girls to wear long pants to better protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Fashion going bottomless trend? Aside from wearing hot pants and mini skirts, another fashion that accentuates the leg is the bottomless fashion. This fashion statement creates an illusion that a wearer is not wearing any bottom garment.


(Hyomin of T-ara bottomless fashion. Image courtesy of kpopstarz.com)


(Actress Choi Yeo Jin in her diaper slash bottomless fashion. Image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

With lots of female K-pop idols having a good legs. Who among them have legs that stand-out among the rest? Groups of plastic surgeons  made a poll and voted the girl with the most beautiful legs in the K-pop world. And the winners are;

5. Bora of Sistar– the Legs with Perfect Proportion.


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

4. Hyuna of 4Minute- The Power Legs


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

3. Sooyoung of Girls Generation- Luxury Legs


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

2. Gayoon of 4Minute- The Nano-Ankles.


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

1. UEE of AfterSchool- The Queen of Honey Thighs!


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

Special mentions:

Tiffany of Girl’s Generation- The Girl with Golden Ratio of Legs

snsd girl perfume launch event (75)

(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

Bom Park of 2ne1.- Terminator Legs/ Mannequin Legs


(image courtesy of ohkpop.com)

Envy much? Stay tuned on how to have killer legs like your favorite K-pop idols.


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