The Shangrila of the North

Meet one of the cleanest lake of Philippines. The Lake Uacon. I never thought that Candelaria, Zambales offers this kind of Nature’s view. Who could have thought that this town does not only have beaches, islets and rich mountains but also boast an immaculate lake.

ImageA lake so clean and dubbed as the Shangrila of the North. According to Wikipedia Uacon Lake is a saltwater lake connected to the sea by a 2 km river in Candelaria in Central Luzon in the Philippines. It is nestled at the foot of Zambales Range in the east and lies along coastline of the South China Sea.

30 minutes drive from my hometown, I couldn’t pass the moment of not seeing this scenic view that remains as a frontier of Zambales. The lake is easy to see. Walking along the national highway, the emerald water and beautiful mountain range charms you to capture a picture.

ImageLuscious green trees and beautiful horizon added unexplainable beauty that leaves marvel and awe to anyone who will view this pristine lake.

ImageEfforts of the locals with plenty of rules like prohibits cutting of mangroves and dumping of rubbish preserve the beauty of this scenic place. Good job Candelarians!


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