Sarap ILOCANO! Sweet and delicious PATUPAT.

I always love rice cakes. Eating these sweet Filipino delicacies have been a part of my life for almost 21 years of my existence. Place a plateful of any rice cakes and I tell you, I can name it all 🙂 Aside from bibingka, patupat is my favorite.


When Filipinos hear the word patupat they think of the rice delicacy that is wrapped in palm leaves. The resulting shape is sort of like a large cube.  Originally, patupat is an Ilocano delicacy.

I don’t know how Ilocanos came up with this sweet delicacy, but maybe it can be attributed to the ubiquitous sugarcane in Ilocos region.

The patupat container is prepared by weaving the leaves (buri leaves) to produce a basket with one end open so that you can half-fill it with uncooked malagkit (glutinous or sticky) rice. The basket is then secured close with a knot. 

Sometimes,  the leaves are woven in such a way that a strip of leaf is left hanging out.  That strip of leaf is what you hold as you place the patupat in the cooking pot and later hang it up in bunches. 

The traditional way of extracting the sugarcane juice is through the use of simple machine, it is a cow-drawn equipment that walks in circular way. The two big gear on the center is serving as its mouth. The stalk of the sugar cane will be then put in the middle. As the cow walks, the trunk then pressed the sugar cane and the juice will squeezed from it and goes to a pail underneath.

How to cook patupat?

1. Boil sugarcane juice in a pan and then place the patupat inside. The rice should be cooked in an hour. 

2. Keep heating the juice until it condenses into a syrupy mixture, then soak the patupatin the syrup for half an hour. Hang up to drip dry. 

This delicacy is also common in the provinces of La Union, Isabela, Zambales and Pangasinan.


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