Top 9 Things You Should Do Before Turning 25

Four years from now I’ll be 25. Maybe on that age, I’ll be much more focused in my career, settling down, building my own family and etc.

I decided to enjoy my youthful energy, time and money into things that I will not regret to do. I want to live my life to the fullest.

The world has so many things to offer. So I enlist all the things (I think) you must try or do before you reach 25.


1. Get a degree or two. (or get a Master’s Degree)

A very important thing! Get a degree and more opportunities will knock into your door. If you’re not satisfied on what you’ve learned, enroll again on a course that will help you to excel in your chosen career. If you just want to elevate the standard of your learning with the basis of your bachelor degree, ready your papers and earn that prestigious master’s degree.

2. Explore different places.

The world has a lot to offer. Name it, from Nature’s beauty to Man-made Wonders. There are alot of things you can learn through traveling. The thrill of getting lost, the excitement of formulating your own itinerary, the adrenaline rush of asking directions, the feeling of seeing breath-taking places, learning on the customs and traditions of the locals and the satisfaction of trying new sets of adventure; all of these are priceless!

3. Get a life insurance.

Save up for your future and emergency expenses and get an insurance. No one can predict the future. It is important that you have an investment that can guarantee as your “air-bag” when your finances “crash” because of unfortunate events. Premiums are still low if you get it now.

4. Try the lights of the nightlife (not often)

Be sociable enough. Party if you’re happy, dance till your feet sore, sing like the world is going to end tomorrow. But control your booze, don’t try smoking and party occasionally.

5. Eat different foods.

You’re still young! Try different varieties of food. Be it Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Spanish and etc. You’ll regret not eating anything that can satisfy your plate when you’re still young when you reach your retirement years. So eat varieties of food moderately.

6. Find an organization.

Find a group or clique that have same interest like what you have. They can help you and you can build more friends.

7. Try the not so extreme sports.
Love your life and health. Try to engage your self into sorts that will benefit your body. But refrain from doing very extreme sports that will cost your life.

8. Be an entrepreneur.

Build a business. You’ll be a boss of your own self. And this could give you more funds and additional income. (Pay your taxes correctly 🙂 )

9. Build a beach body.

I tell you, my gym mates aged 25 and up are having hard time to build muscle mass in their body. Their suggestions? Build a beach body while still young and maintain it afterwards.


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