Evening Jog at San Miguel District

Image(Building inside the compound of Malacanang Palace)

I’ve been a regular jogger at Malacañang Complex for 2 weeks (hihi!) The place is quiet and cool and besides it is only a 15 minutes walk to my flat. I didn’t thought that the Malacañang Complex (which is a part of San Miguel District) boast time-warping ambiance and parade of beautiful ancestral houses. With wide street, huge trees and “gloomy” yellow lights the nostalgia of the glorious past of San Miguel District invites you to dig deeper into its history. I am a lover of old buildings especially houses dated from Spanish Colonialism and San Miguel District is full of this.

 Image(Typical Bahay-na-Bato in San Miguel District. Usually Bahay-na-Bato conforms with the Spanish Architecture.)

Image(Manila’s old alta sociedad resided in San Miguel District and built palatial houses.)

Quipped with comfy clothes and running shoes, I ran and jogged for almost one and half hour. Rihanna’s voice is blasting in my earphone. When I’m exhausted with series of rounds, I strolled and had been mesmerized in the beauty of the surrounding. I could have more appreciate it if it is still brighter. The old mansions, the Malacañang palace, big trees and flowers bustling on the street side. I couldn’t help but to wonder how these houses been maintained. San Miguel District was well known before as the enclave of Old Manila’s rich and famous. No wonder beautiful mansions were erected here.

Image(Many old mansions can be seen in San Miguel District. From art-nouveau, art deco to classical designs.)

Image(Wide streets lighted with yellow lights. Enjoy your jog!)


One thought on “Evening Jog at San Miguel District

  1. Hi there. What is your route? I live in Malate and would also like to try that area, as I have been running along Roxas Blvd and CCP complex all this time.

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