Pico de Loro: Reaching the Parrot’s Beak


(Pico De Loro or Parrot’s Beak)

I received a gift from my very close college friend. A trip/adventure of climbing three exquisite mountain for only one day. First climb is the Mt. Pico de Loro (in English Parrot’s Beak). At 1 A.M, together with the group of mountaineers we drove to Ternate, Cavite to traverse the way on reaching the Pico’s peak.


(Big trees and heavy vegetation blanketed the forest. It’s still dark and my camera couldn’t capture the rich flora of this rain forest)

3 A.M we started the hike to reach the mountain. The trail is very dark, it is advisable to bring flashlight to see the trail. The whistle and sound of nocturnal birds and insects seemed to be the music of silent dawn.

Rocky and muddy, the trail ascend to reach the registration camp is quite hard. At 4 A.M we arrived and our tour guide paid needed fee for us to continue the climb. We continued the trek till we reached the Alibangbang Camp. The trail from Alibangbang to the Camping Site near the summit is hard. Big rocks that you need to climb, almost 70 degrees angle of ravine that you need to crawl, and dusty steepy soil that you need walk. I’m sweating like crazy and a little bit hazy. I haven’t sleep yet for 25 hours but I am determined to reach the summit. Upon reaching the thick bamboo forest and few more step the view is marvelous.


(Fogs blanketed the air.)

The summit is very visible and the horizon is breath taking! You can actually touch the clouds and feel the cold air embracing your whole body. We ate our breakfast in the camp while viewing the “dance of the clouds”. At 7:30 AM we assaulted the summit of Pico de Loro.


(With hundreds of meters above the sea level, here I am in deep awe. Marveling the beauty of being near the sky and watching the lowlands.)


(Densely covered by fog and cold breeze. I could not ask for more!)


(Careful, one careless step and you’ll be doomed!)

The Trail to the summit is harder than the other trails we passed. With nothing to hold but the rocks and our backpacks that adds gravitational pull you must find your balance. But nonetheless, on the summit… Tadah!


(Vee looming in the monolith and the 360 degrees view of Cavite, Batangas and the South China Sea)


 (The feeling of seeing this kind of wonder? Simply priceless!)

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