Talamitam: The Teletubbies Mountain of Batangas

After our climb at Pico de Loro, we traverse the trail for us to reach the bus station that will bring us to Bayabasan. (Bayabasan is the entry point on reaching Talamitam) Since we were advised that traversing the way to Talamitam is not as hard as Pico de Loro, we have to wear comfy clothes that will block the sun rays. And so my get up is…. Image   Talamitam have a reputation of having a hot trek and sun piercing trail. And also, being compared to Teletubbyland. As we ascend upward, the beautiful view below surprises you. The locals said the mountain’s color during summer is brown due to dried grass that blanketed the mountain floor. But during rainy season, the mountains turned into beautiful green because new grass carpeted the mountain. Image

(The mountain could turn into farmland, the grass are little bit dried-up. Maybe because it’s summer here in the Philippines)


 (Ascending. Looking in this view. Dehydrating)


 (SO glad that more Filipinos are now becoming aware and participating in tree planting activities of private and public institutions)


 (With the rest of the team. Getting closer to the summit!)


 (Wild flowers scattered everywhere)


 (Just a little more!)


 (No. Still not the summit, but I’m looking at the vast surroundings 630 meters above.)


 (Getting there!)


(Summit at last! Never mind my belly! Haven’t exercise for a month. My abs are gone 😦 )

Check out more photos in my Facebook page.


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