Happy Mothers Day!

She may be strict but she makes sure that I am doing my best.

She may be protective but she wants me to have my own freedom.

She may reprimand me on my actions but I know she just want me to excel on things I love to do.

She is my Mother.



I know she gave up a lot just to make sure we would grow in wisdom, righteousness and strong.

She sacrificed her career to supervise us everyday.

She is my personal chef, and stylist.

She sees to it I look good and clean everyday.

And even I am living in my own now, she never failed to text me everyday. 

She is my confidante and I am not ashamed to tell her and my Dad all the secrets I am keeping.

She is my first teacher. I still remember those days and nights of her teaching me ABC’s and reading word by word in my kinder book.

I may not raised in an affluent upbringing but the values, proper manners and wisdom she taught me makes me stand out.

Her love is priceless.

Her heart is pure.

Her maternal care is natural.

She is the light of our home.

She is our accountant, planner, interior decorator, teacher and engineer.

She is the wife of my Father.

She is my Mother.


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