Mount Batulao: The Barren Wonder



Yes, I am into Mountain Climbing this past few days. 5 mountains in two months. We’ll not bad for a beginner.

Okay. School days is fast approaching and I want to make adventure on the remaining days of my school vacation. I just focused in my work and enjoyed the summer. So together with my officemates, we geared up for climbing Mt. batulao.

Giving you some info, Mt. Batulao is a mountain standing in Nasugbu and Balayan, Batangas. Well known for its unique mountain contours and ridges.

5:30 in the morning we departed in Metro Manila and been asleep till we reach Evercrest. The entry point to the barren wonder of Batulao.


(rolling terrain and unique edges)

The summer heat was at its peak, even the rainy season is fast approaching. The mountain was dry and almost dusty. Thirsty, dry land was covered with black ashes of burnt cogon grasses. If the grasses, the trees and all life forms could speak, they would probably cry for the rain to fall from the heavens.

Image(in my cool outfit)


(easy trail!!)

Throughout the trail, the soil was loose and the dust could flow as the warm air blows. I don’t know if it was beholding in the sight to see mirage and the illusions of wave they make. Fortunately, the blowing of wind and the clouds soothed the perspired body of the climbers. Amidst the warmest season of the year, none can stop us from our journey towards the peak of Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas.



(the view as you’re traversing up)

Actually, the climb is easy and we took the new trail. Along the trail we met many first time and professional climbers. The sun is piercing our skin even we were well-equipped with garments that can protect our skin. But we don’t mind. Our chat and  laughter filled the air as we one by one reached Batulao’s minor peak.



(with other climbers)


(remarkable ridges and terrains!)

Batulao offered us remarkable ridges and rolling terrain. As the wind blows, grasses billow and dance like they have their own rhythm. But every steps you should be careful, the path is quite treacherous. One wrong step or your end up rolling in the terrain. It might be the hotness of the weather that we stop on some shades that we passed to take a rest and cool our body. Glad that every shades that we stopped, someone was selling water or soda.


Few more hours we are reaching the summit, the trail is getting tougher. The assault is almost 70 degrees that you need to rappel or hold on the rope just to climb. You must double check the step you make or you’ll end fallin in rocky bottom of cliff.


Few minutes more, the 360 degrees view greeted you. Finally, the summit. Spectacular view on above, the beautiful minor peaks, unique curves and outlines of the mountain are much more beautiful on the summit.


(on the summit!)



(Walls of rocks)

We took pictures of us and we decided to climb down. Climbing down is much tougher than the ascend. Even it is not muddy, the trail is slippery and dusty. As we descend many more climbers are assaulting the summit. Of course, plenty of rapeling is needed to descend.


We ate our lunch in camp 7 and we appreciate the mighty wall of rocks and soil covered with cogon grass right in front of our eyes. We traverse the old trail to reach EverCrest again. Traversing back was hotter than expected but again we don’t mind.



(looking at the top as we’re going down)




We reached the Evercrest again at 4pm. We paid Php20 for a shower and put on new clothes again. And then that’s it… back to Manila again 🙂


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